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What People Are Saying About MSG


“I have known Don for 25 years and have enormous respect for his ability to find unique solutions to not only financial, but also other problems. We served on our association’s board of directors (NSSTA), and Don was a voice for sanity when we were dealing with difficult issues (If only he were in Congress now).”

-Len Blonder, Los Angeles, California


“I first worked with Don in a catastrophic injury case in 1983. He set up a structured settlement plan for my severely injured client and he and his family were extremely pleased with the quality of work. Don has continued to show high quality performance and constant integrity since that time.”

-Peter Perlman, Lexington, Kentucky


“About 30 years ago my brother and partner, Hugh, began working with Don McNay, and I continue today working with Don and Clay. So our firm has a multi-generational relationship with the McNay Group and we have never been disappointed. Don and company always bring value to our clients."

-Charlie Moore, Owensboro, Kentucky


“‘When you're down and troubled and you need a helping hand, and nothing, nothing is going right...’ is how James Taylor began his now familiar hit song, ‘You've Got a Friend.’ The same can and should be said about Don and his Team. And that's why I take some of my most serious injury cases to Don and his Team. And, like Don and James Taylor often remind me, ‘Ain't it good to know you've got a friend.’"

-Hans Poppe, Louisville, Kentucky


“I’ve relied upon Don McNay as my law firm’s structured settlement consultant for almost 30 years. Our cases have involved the typical personal injury cases and the most complex multi-party catastrophic injury and death cases. On every occasion, the McNay Settlement Group has provided the highest quality structured settlement benefits for my clients.”

-Sam Davies, Barbourville, Kentucky


“Having known and worked with Don for over 20 years now from both a regulatory and private industry perspective, his structured settlement practice as a component of a company’s overall risk management program is without question at the very top of industry standards. Don has been a national leader in this business his whole life, and those tried and proven results speak for themselves.”

-Joe Greathouse, Lexington, Kentucky


“We have been friends and associates for more than twenty years. Don has helped my adjusters settle many claims by bringing great knowledge and innovative ideas to us so that we could settle claims for the benefit of the companies we represented as well as their valued injured employees.”

-Allen Blevins, Lynch, Kentucky


“I have worked with Don McNay for over 30 years. He has helped me help my clients in ways that are immeasurable. He has been with me in more mediations and settlement conferences than I can count. Don’s insight into the financial ramifications of the case and his sensitivity to my clients needs have been invaluable in getting many of my client’s cases settled for full value. But maybe even more important, Don rarely stops there. After cases have settled Don has stayed on board and helped with structured settlements, special needs trusts and other financial devices to help insure that my client’s are able to manage their money in a way that provides them with long term financial security. Don is the best there is at this not only because he has unequaled financial knowledge but because he has a big heart and he truly cares about each and every one of my clients. Don McNay is the best of the best.”

-Bill Garmer, Lexington, Kentucky


“In my capacity as a mediator, I have had the pleasure for many years of observing Don McNay work with lawyers, clients, adjusters, and other structure representatives and what has impressed me the most is his innate ability to treat everyone equally and with the upmost respect, all the while educating, advising, and reassuring.  Working with Don in my plaintiffs cases has been a very similar experience, whether it’s a $50,000 case or a multi-million dollar one, Don and his staff are consistently prepared, informative, attentive, and always willing to help me better serve my clients.”

-Karen Walker, Lexington, Kentucky 


“Don McNay is the best structured settlement consultant in the country. He has served my clients for almost 30 years and every one of them has been very pleased with his work. Don has helped settle several of my cases because he has formed relationships with my clients, judges and opposing attorneys. I would not use anybody else.”

-Phil Taliaferro, Covington, Kentucky

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