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Annuity Service Page


People who purchased an annuity or are receiving payments from a structured settlement may need help with some of the following items:


1.   Setting up direct deposit for a bank account

2.   Getting a copy of a lost or misplaced annuity policy

3.   Changing an address

4.   Changing the bank account where they are receiving payments

5.   Reporting the death of someone receiving or set to receive payments from an annuity

6.   Changing a beneficiary

7.   Asking questions as to when payments will start or how they are set up 

8.   Just have annuity questions in general


The following life insurance companies have well-trained customer service specialists who are there to help annuity holders. We have put together a list of companies that we work with, or have worked with in the past, and how to call their customer service associates. 


Some companies have websites that allow you contact them via email and fax.  When possible, we have included those pages along with the phone numbers. Click on the logos to receive the contact information.


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