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We work to make financial matters easier and more beneficial for individuals, attorneys and all the professionals involved. We’ve spoken to groups around the country as to the many tremendous financial planning tools we use. We were one of the first settlement planning firms to assist plaintiff attorneys and one of the first to develop expertise in using Qualified Settlement Funds and Guardianships. 

McNay Settlement Group has been an innovator in planning for individuals and settlements. We help with life goals and using structured settlements to settle workers’ compensation cases, employment cases and mass torts. Let the industry’s cutting-edge group assist you in your future.


Traditional financial planning is at our roots. Whatever the future needs, we carefully evaluate the current situation to make the best plan for our clients. 

We have the experience and knowledge to make your plan for your future.

We offer:

  • Retirement Planning​

  • School Funding​

  • Estate Strategies

  • Insurance and Investments

  • Lottery Winner Advising

  • Financial Coaching


We have over 30 years of experience in planning involving settlements. Whether it's future lifetime income or a child funding college we can plan for all of life's important moments. 

We know the many needs of those involved in settlements and the ​best ways to help.

​We offer:

  • Qualified Settlement Funds

  • Structured Settlements - Permanent tax-free income for life, period payouts or lump sums.​

  • Attorney Fee

  • Deferred Structured Settlements.

  • Tax Deferral of Settlements - Employment, Punitive Damages and Property.

  • Medicare Set Aside Funding and Evaluation.

  • Medicaid and Social Security Planning.


Persons under the age 18 and those with a legal disability require a Guardian or Conservator to help protect their interests.  

We serve as Guardians in Litigation and Trustees to Trusts designed to protect funds and government benefits.

We offer:

  • Trust in the legal community

  • Obtaining Court Appointment

  • Testimony at Trial

  • Annual Reporting

  • Securing Bonding

  • Trust Establishment

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